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Health Passport Europe combines secure mobile technologies with COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.

The system has been built to enable businesses, events, travel, hospitality and much more to safely reopen. It has been developed specifically to work with all official test types, including PCR and rapid tests. Health Passport Europe does not track user activities, does not use Bluetooth, does not use GPS, and does not monitor your location. Your privacy is fully protected.


How it Works

Combining COVID-19 vaccinations and testing with secure digital technologies to provide a mobile Health Passport system.

You now have immediate access to your personal COVID-19 status, which can choose to display or scan whenever appropriate.

The system is built specifically to be compatible with all types of official COVID-19 vaccinations and tests. This includes PCR tests, blood tests and rapid diagnostic tests.

Travel and Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Health Passport Europe allows for a safer return to travel, for both business and leisure. Using the rapid real-time scanning technology, we can now enjoy freer travel with increased protection from COVID-19.


Coast Guards, Defence Forces, An Garda Síochána, Fire Brigades, Civil Defence, Public Services - Health Passport Europe helps to protect the people who protect us all.

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The true heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic are the medical staff and front line workers who have sacrificed so much to protect us. Health Passport Europe puts and extra safety measure in place for those most at risk.

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Education & Childcare

With regular rapid testing, Health Passport Europe helps to protect our schools, students, educators and staff. Let's not take any unnecessary health risks regarding our future generation. 

COVID-19 Testing

Health Passport Europe is engineered to work with all official COVID-19 tests. This includes PCR and rapid testing.


People and businesses now have immediate access to the latest developments in testing technology, carrying the highest levels of clinical validation.

After being tested, people have immediate access to their personal COVID-19 status through their Health Passport Europe app, which can be securely scanned whenever needed.

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We long for the feeling of togetherness, enjoying those shared moments at events, festivals, concerts and sports. Nothing beats the live experience and Health Passport Europe helps to get the show back on the road and fans in the stands.


Offices & Factories

Safely protecting our colleagues in our workplace is vital to ensuring our businesses remains open and our jobs are secure.


Your Privacy

Data privacy and data protection is at the very heart of Health Passport Europe. There are multiple stages of security, including multiple stages of verification and device specific usage. Health Passport Europe: 

Does not use cookies.

Does not use Bluetooth.

Does not store your history.

Does not track your location.

Does not send data for marketing.

Does not use data for any profiling.

The platform collects the absolute minimum amount of data in order to perform this important public service.

Health Passport Scanner 

For those who have not yet been tested, you can still immediately use the system by downloading Health Passport Scanner app.

Health Passport Ireland

Get In Touch

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Health Passport Europe launched on August 28th. 

The system is now fully available to the public. Official COVID-19 testing and vaccination facilities can immediately avail of the technology.


If you are a European organisation providing COVID-19 testing or vaccinations, you can contact support@healthpassporteurope.com to being using the system immediately.

After being tested, people and organisations can now choose to opt in and setup your Health Passport Ireland account.

Your Health Passport is directly linked to your latest test or vaccination in real-time.

If you have not yet been tested or vaccinated,  you can still download the Health Passport SCANNER app and start using the technology straight away.

Review the latest HSE National COVID-19 information HERE


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